Curepoint (Mobile Edition)

How can I book an acupuncture appointment?

To book your appointment with me at Enso Healing Rooms please phone me directly on: 07939 843 969.

Do please also contact me if you simply want to discuss your treatment; find out how acupuncture can help you; or ask me about any aspect of my acupuncture treatments.

My contact details

mobile: 07939 843 969

phone: 01275 392 803


If I do not answer on the above number, this usually means that I'm with a client. Do please leave your name and number and I'll return your call as soon as I can.

Please see the section: What to do before your acupuncture treatment

Cancelling your acupuncture appointment

I ask all clients to please give me at least 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel your appointment.

I find that most of my clients are conscientious about honouring appointments that they have booked with me, and I appreciate their courtesy. However, at times some clients seem to find it difficult to honour appointments, and consider it acceptable to cancel an appointment at short notice. This causes various problems:

  • It prevents other clients from taking that slot, clients who might have wanted that slot but had to book at another time or on another day which was less convenient to them.
  • It prevents me from working during that time-slot, and since I am self-employed, this prevents me from earning my living. Also, I only have a limited amount of clinic time each week, so every missed appointment is significant and reduces my income for that week.
  • And it means that I am losing money directly, since I still have to pay the room-rental fees for the time-slot that you have booked (which is up to about £10).

To address these problems (and to keep the cost and inconvenience to all clients as low as possible), I have adopted the following policy:

  • I ask all my clients to please respect the above facts and agree that if they cancel an appointment with less than 48 hours notice, or fail to show up for the appointment, then they will pay the full fee for the session.

Feedback on any aspect of my acupuncture practice

I am always pleased to receive feedback from my clients, either positive or negative. I am constantly striving to ensure that every aspect of my practice meets your expectations, and I listen carefully to every comment that each client makes. I value your opinion, so do please feel free to contact me with your feedback. You can find my full contact details above. Please feel free to use whichever method is most easy for you, either email, post, or phone.