Curepoint (Mobile Edition)
The Spleen acupuncture channel. Used to treat digestive disorders, such as IBS, food intolerances, bloating after eating, constipation, loose stools, low energy, and so on.

How does acupuncture work?

“...Thousands of years ago, healers noticed that when a person had a particular illness, there was always a very specific location on their body which became tender, and if this location was stimulated, the illness would clear. But what was the mechanism that enabled this to happen?

The symptoms of an illness are caused by the malfunctioning of an organ, due to the organ being stressed in some way. And due to a natural resonance that exists between that organ and a specific location on our body, the malfunctioning causes that location to become tender. By stimulating one of these tender locations, this same resonance is utilized, but in reverse, which appears to encourage the associated organ to cancel out the malfunctioning in itself that caused the tenderness at that location. The organ’s functioning returns to normal and the symptoms clear.

Interestingly, this phenomenon appears to be accidental, since there is no anatomical benefit in a specific bodily location becoming tender when a particular organ is stressed. However, it is the utilizing of this happy accident that enables acupuncture to achieve the healing effects it does. Acupuncture is not intended by our body to be a regulatory system, but by utilizing this accidental resonance between an organ and a particular bodily location, acupuncture bypasses the usual control systems (the nervous, chemical and hormonal) and manages to directly adjust the functioning of an organ to return it to normal...”

The above passage is taken from my new book: Chinese Acupuncture for Today, which is due to be published in 2015/16. The book describes this resonance system in detail, as well as every other aspect of Chinese acupuncture, and does this in terms that contemporary readers can understand. Sample chapters from the book can be downloaded here.